NPBC Leadership

The membership of this organization shall consist of ministers, Deacons, and Delegates from Churches, Associations, State Conventions, and other Auxiliaries affiliated with the convention.
The Officers of this Convention shall be:

a) President;
b) Vice President;
c) Vice Presidents in charge of Regions;
d) Recording Secretary;
e) Assistant Recording Secretary;
f) Financial Secretary;
g) Assistant Financial Secretary;
h) Statistical Secretary;
i) Editorial Secretary;
j) Treasurer;
k) Parliamentarian;
l) Bible Expositor;
m) Secretary to the Board of Directors;
n) Reporter.;

For a list of key leadership officials, please see our online directory.

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Inspired by a desire for unity and Christian fellowship among Primitive Baptists in the United States of America, this national organization was organized in 1907 as the Colored Primitive Baptists of America (now known as the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA). Representing churches in 18 states, its mission is to promote unity among its people; foster the cause of education, evangelism, and mission; and participate in worship experiences.