St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church Featured in The Tennessean


The St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church is featured in The Tennessean as one of the fastest growing churches in the city of Nashville. The article focuses on four unique black churches that have disguished themselves in the city. St Luke is one of our Primitive Baptist churches that has grown form 60 members to over 1000 in the last five years.The church is led by Elder Frank Stevenson, who also serves as the Vice Moderator of Cumberland Association and the Vice President of the Tennessee State Primitive Baptist Convention. Please view the article, which also includes video.

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Inspired by a desire for unity and Christian fellowship among Primitive Baptists in the United States of America, this national organization was organized in 1907 as the Colored Primitive Baptists of America (now known as the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA). Representing churches in 18 states, its mission is to promote unity among its people; foster the cause of education, evangelism, and mission; and participate in worship experiences.