National Choir

National Primitive Baptist Convention Choir Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the National P.B. Convention Choir,
I pray that all is well with you and your family. I am looking forward to seeing each of you July 16-20, 2018 at the 111th Annual Session of the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA in Miami, FL.
The theme for the 111th Annual Session of the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA is “Celebrating the Church: Restoring the Family” and the scripture is Genesis 12:1-3; Psalms 128
The Parent Body has asked that everyone register with the convention with $100. You can register with a congress of your choice. If you do not participate in a congress please register with the National Choir. The convention needs your prayers and financial support.
Music for Convention
The song List and lyrics have been attached. Please print the booklet and bring it with you to the rehearsals.
Rehearsal Information
The time and place will be announced as soon as that has been determined.
Attire for the week
Below you will find the find dress code. I do realize that on certain days various groups have special attire if you fall in that category please represent your group and wear what they have asked you to wear.
“Special Attire for the Week”
Morning Session
Church Attire
Morning Session
Gray, Purple and White (Any Combination)
Morning & Evening Sessions
Ladies- All Black Attire with Red Flower
Men- Black Suit, White Shirt and Red Tie
Morning& Evening Sessions
Church Attire
Ladies- Black and White (Any Combination)
Men- Black Suit, White Shirt and Black Tie

 Ladies- All White
Men- Black Suit, White Shirt and Black Tie
Morning Session
All White
Evening Session
Church Attire
Song List for the National Convention Choir – 2018
1. Grateful – Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Choir Super Mass
2. Prayer & Faith – Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling
3. God Said It, I Believe It – Pastor Lamar Simmons & Love & Faith Community Choir                                
4. Way Maker – Benita Washington-Jones                
5. Never Fail -Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church
6. Made A Way – Bishop Larry Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Mass Choirs
7. Lord I Wanna Thank You – Bishop Larry Trotter
8. It’s Only A Test – Bishop Larry Trotter
9. Look Where He Brought Me From – David Walker & High Praise
10. Holy One, Tramaine Hawkins
11. I’m In His Safety – GMWA
12. God Is My Everything – Chicago Mass Choir
Deacon Rodney J. Milton
National P.B. Convention Choir President