Wheelchairs and Power Scooters for Rental While Attending the 109th Annual Session of the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA, August 21-26, 2016, in Jacksonville, FL

If you need to secure a wheelchair and/or power scooter while attending the 109th Annual Session, please find below information of importance from Home Ability:
Home Ability
7660 Phillips Highway
Suite 4
Jacksonville, FL  32256
Contact:  Jay Benz
NOTE:  The expenses for the abovementioned services are the responsibility of the individual and not the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA.
Feel free to contact Regina Earls, our Event Planner, if additional assistance is required.  However, Ms. Earls will not be involved in any way toward securing wheelchairs and/or power scooters.  (Regina’s email addresses are raeaka@yahoo.com and rae462@sbcglobal.net.  Her telephone number is (512) 659-3695.

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