UPDATED INFORMATION: IAH and Hobby Airports Ground Transportation Information for Conventioneers Attending The 112th Annual Session of the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA To Convene in Houston, TX on July 21-26, 2019

Shuttlefare.com is offering discounted prices off airport shuttle transportation to and from IAH and Hobby and your hotel.

The one-way rate from IAH to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Downtown is $23.00 for one person, $54 for 3 persons, $81.40 for 6 persons, and $209.19 for 10 persons. Minibus and Motorcoach are available upon request.

The one-way rate from Hobby to the Hyatt Regency Hotel Downtown is $23 for one person, $37 up to 3 persons, $88 up to 6 persons, and $390 for 14 persons.


To Book Reservation, click below:

Houston Airport Shuttle (https://www.shuttlefare.com/houston_bush_airport_shuttle_iah) (IAH)

Super Shuttle (https://www.shuttlefare.com/super_shuttle/houston_bush_airport_shuttle_iah) (IAH)

Houston Hobby (https://www.shuttlefare.com/houston_hobby_airport_shuttle_houhttps://www.shuttlefare.com/houston_hobby_airport_shuttle_hou

Coupon Code = NPBC2019 (enter code on bottom right of checkout page before submitting payment)


Once you complete your reservation, an email confirmation will be sent to you and this will be your travel voucher for your airport transportation. It will also include instructions on where to meet your shuttle when you arrive at the airport as well as any important phone numbers for the day of travel.



For reservation changes or questions, contact customer service:

Phone: 800-851-4528, Email: customerservice@shuttlefare.com

Monday – Friday 8am ­- 8pm EST Saturday and Sunday 9am – 8pm EST

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