Christian Education

It’s fundamental to find Christian Education materials designed to make God’s Word clear and meaningful to everyone, whatever their age or spiritual maturity. We present the timeless truths of the Bible in creative, meaningful formats that are ideal for students and teachers alike. With attractive designs, engaging activities, real-life stories, and thought-provoking discussions, our programs provide everything you need to spark your interest and deepen your knowledge of biblical truth.

All the lessons are based on the International Uniform Bible Lessons series, an internationally recognized outline prepared by a committee of ministers and Bible scholars from across a wide variety of established denominations. From these weekly Scriptures, we develop complete original lessons for every age level—from Preschool to Adult—including stories, artwork, activities, and applications that appeal to students.

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Inspired by a desire for unity and Christian fellowship among Primitive Baptists in the United States of America, this national organization was organized in 1907 as the Colored Primitive Baptists of America (now known as the National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA). Representing churches in 18 states, its mission is to promote unity among its people; foster the cause of education, evangelism, and mission; and participate in worship experiences.